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5/6/19- Watch the video from the How Does it Grow series about the asparagus grown at Sheppard Farms. Thanks to Nicole Jolly for coming out and featuring us in a great video. You can watch their other great videos on the TRUE FOOD TV Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/howgrowvideo/videos

4/3/18- Sheppard Farms is busy working their asparagus fields to get ready for the asparagus spears that should start popping out of the ground soon. The tractors are shaping, disc plowing, tilling, and fertilizing the ground.

3/28/18- Getting the asparagus sorting lines running and calibrated. Under a month to go.

2/19/18- Transplants are coming up good so far this year.
Jersey Legacy Farm’s organic: romaine, iceberg, green leaf, red leaf, green and red boston (butter) lettuces

2/7/18- Eastern Fresh Growers attended the New Jersey Agricultural Convention and Trade Show this year. We even found our logo on display.

1/19/18- Sheppard Farms is mowing their asparagus fields to make way for new spears this coming spring.


We are currently gearing up for the asparagus packing season at the farm by getting the asparagus packing lines set up and serviced.

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